Minger Led Lights Strip Instructions How to Connect Minger Led Lights Together How to Install Minger Led Lights

Minger Led Lights become popular nowadays! With large sales ,more and more customer contact our customer service ask such as Minger Led Lights Strip Instructions , How to Connect Minger Led Lights Together , How to Install Minger Led Lights,minger led lights installation etc. Though Minger package come with the minger user manual & instruction, Minger company decide to post a instructions for minger’s customer to help check and resolve the problem when they using Minger Lights

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Minger Led Strip Lights 16.4ft

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Minger Led Lights Minger Dreamcolor Led Strip Lights Installation Instructions Manual

Minger Led Lights Strip 32.8ft

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How do you connect Minger led strip lights?
How do you connect Minger lights?
How do you connect Minger LED strips?
How do you set up LED strip lights?
How to install rgb lights?
How to connect led strip lights to power supply?
How to install led strip lights?


Minger suggest check Minger package box and install guide minger instruction

1 MINGER LED Strip Lights Non-Waterproof Use In-door

How to install led strip lights?

32.8ft 2 Pack – How do you set up LED strip lights?

2 MINGER LED Lights Strip Waterproof Version

16.4ft 1 pack

32.8ft 2 pack How do you connect Minger LED strips?

3 MINGER Dreamcolor LED Strip Lights with Phone APP Smart Music Sync

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For MINGER LED Strip Lights Non-Waterproof and Waterproof version with no APP
Minger Lights Installation Question and Answer
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Can the Minger strip lights be used outdoors?
Minger lights have non-waterproof and waterproof LED light strips, and we suggest that you use waterproof strip lights (IP 65 Silicone tube type) outdoors.
Please note: the power adapter and the control box are non-waterproof.

How long do Minger LED lights last?
Usually have 2 size 16.4ft / 5m and 32.8ft / 10m

Minger Led Lights not Working?
Please check follow,make sure all if them has the power and working well
a. Socket – power is ok
b. adapter power supply – power is ok
c. IR control box – power is ok
d. 4-pin minger led lights connectors – install ok
if the minger led lights extension have using the minger led strip contector 4 pins (minger led strip light solderless contectors) to splicing minger led lights
e. solderless contectors – make sure installation ok
You must make sure all of them works well ,the the Minger Led Lights will working.

minger led strip lights connectors

Why my remote is not working | controlling the Minger strip lights?
First, you may need to pull out the remote insulated label when you use the remote;

You can also check if the battery is dead by the following guidance:
Grab a smart phone and turn on the camera. Position the camera to aim at the bulb at the end of the remote, where the signal comes out from. If the battery is good, pressing any button will cause the bulb to light up. You won’t be able to see this with your eyes but your phone’s camera will pick it up.

Kind reminder: The remote should be faced with the raised-out IR receiver of the control box and please also check if the battery is in the right position by opening the battery compartment.

How to use the DIY in a 44-key remote?
You can use the DIY function to create the color you like.
For example, press the DIY 1 and then long-press one up/down key until the light color changes. You can press the three-column up and down key to mix the three primary colors RGB in order to get the color you like. If you like the color, you could press again the DIY1 to keep it.

Can I control multiple Minger strip lights with only one remote?
If you bought strip lights for the same model from Minger, you can use one remote to control them one by one. Due to its directional characteristics of IR receiver, you may not control all strip lights at the same time through one remote.


Minger Lights Cut
Can I cut Minger strip lights to the length I want?
For RGB strip lights, you can cut it along the golden mark. The cut part doesn’t work because there is no electrical power supply, but you can reconnect it to the original strip with pin cs (not included in our products);

For RGBIC strip lights controlled by individual IC chips, the light color-changing modes may stop working if you cut it.

For the problem asked:
Can you cut Minger LED lights?
Can you connect LED light strips together?
Can you cut Minger lights?
Can I connect Minger LED lights?

Can you connect Minger LED light together?
Can you cut Minger LED Strip lights?


Minger Lights Installation
How to install the Minger strip lights in the corner? / Can I bend my Minger strip lights?
If you do not want to cut and use a pin connector in the corner, you can cross the Minger strip lights like this photo, please do not fold it in wrong angles or on bulbs in case of overheat problem.

Can I extend my Minger strip lights / connect two or more Minger strip lights in series?
It is not recommended to connect the strip lights in series because of the insufficient power, and the performance of the lights will be affected a lot if they are connected in series. They should be connected to different connectors separately.

if you still need to connect them.
You can use the minger led strip light solderless contectors or solder 4 pins with tin.

For the problem asked:
How to connect multiple led strip lights?
How to connect multiple led strips to one power source?
How connect two led strips?
How to connect two led strips?
How to connect two led strips together?
How to connect led strips without connectors?

Will the Minger strip lights damage my painted wall if I rip it off?
It is possible that an adhesive strip lights rips the paint off, we suggest that you pull off the light strip slowly and carefully in case of damage, and do not reposition the adhesive Minger strip lights if unnecessary.

How to stick the Minger strip lights?
Please stick the Minger strip lights to a clean and smooth surface.
Please use a dust-free cloth to clean the surface of the dust and oil residue, then install the light strip.
Do not touch the adhesive side with your fingers. Press for 10-30 seconds after sticking it.
The ideal operating temperature of the Tape is about -68ºF (-20ºC) and 104ºF (40ºC).
If the temperature is lower than 10 ℃, please heat the glue using a hairdryer first and then paste, the effect is better.

What is the beam angle of the Minger strip lights?
All of Minger strip lights beam angle is 120°.

What is the difference between RGB strip lights and RGBIC strip lights?
Comparing to RGB strip lights, the RGBIC strip lights have added color chasing mode, and with unique built-in IC chip, the RGBIC strip lights are able to display multicolors at one time like a rainbow or aurora.

Can I buy the remote/ power adapter/control box or other accessories separately?
We now only sell the whole strip lights set, and we do not sell any accessories separately.

What is the operating temperature of Minger strip lights?
We have designed the Minger strip lights to be able to operate in a temperature range of -68ºF (-20ºC) and 104ºF (40ºC)

APP Version

Is there an app for Minger LED lights?
Do Minger LED lights have an app?

How do I connect Minger to Led phone?
How do you connect LED lights to App?

B .
For MINGER Dreamcolor LED Strip Lights with Phone APP Smart Music Sync
Question and Answer
Please check and found the one resolve your problem:

Where to Download Phone App

Apple minger app

Android minger app

Why I cannot find my Minger strip light model in Minger App?
Some of Minger strip lights models are only controlled by a remote or the control box of lights, and they are not in Minger App.

Why does the Minger strip light not connect with WiFi?
The Minger strip light only works with 2.4G wifi. If both of your 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands have the same name (SSID) and password, please create a different SSID to connect 2.4G WiFi in case the device automatically chooses 5G WiFi.
WiFi signal is weak or not stable, please take the LED light strip closer to the router or reboot your router.
The WiFi name or password is incorrect.
Mac address filtering is set, please confirm if the WiFi device is in the filtered list.

How to find the Mac address of the Minger strip lights?
Open a personal hotspot in an Android phone> use your phone to connect the personal hotspot in Android phone > use your phone to connect with the LED light strip > enter the personal hotspot name and password in WLAN setting of App > check the connected device of the personal hotspot in Android phone > find the Mac address.
Connect the light strip to a different WiFi, and check the Mac address of connected device in the router setting.

Why does the strip light not pair with Bluetooth?
The Minger strip light should be paired in Minger app rather than in the Bluetooth page of the phone.
Please ensure that you did enable Bluetooth and give Minger App permission to access your location (setting> search Govee Home> click “Location” ) while using it.

For the other problem:
Are Minger LED lights Bluetooth?


Minger Lights Setup
Setup Group Control for Minger strip lights
For the wi-fi/ Bluetooth model, you can log in Minger APP and create a scene for group control.
Please click the scene in my device – add the light strips in a group- click off then on to save the setting. You can turn on/off the light and adjust colors or brightness at the same time, music sync is not available in the scene group.

How do you sync LED strips to music?
Setup in Phone APP

How do you use Minger lights?

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