MINGER 44 Key Remote Controller for lost or broken Lost My LED Remote

With large quantity sale of MINGER led lights, there will some of our customer lost their MINGER 44 Key Remote Controller while using. Our customer service has received so many request for buy another MINGER 44 Key Remote Controller , Lost My LED Remote , now it is on amazon now, customer could buy the 44 Key Remote Controller themselves.

Price: $8.99

Energy efficient and stable power supply with wireless remote.6 DIY keys, you adjust the R/G/B color freely

8 Light Pattern: Quick / Slow / Auto / Flash / 7 color fade change / 3 color fade change / 7 color jumpy change / 3 color jumpy change R / G / B increase and decrease control

6 DIY keys Please refer to English manual to get detailed operation. 44 keys infrared controller which has 6 keys(DIY keys) for momories the colors what you preferred.

Great for many different applications! Color changing, fading, and brightness controls wirelessly through remote.

You can choose between many different solid colors, solid white, flashing, strobing, adjust brightness, and on/off all from the wireless remote.

i lost the remote to my led lights